Andy Hawthorne

Thoughts, stories and ideas


I write words and web code. So, if you need an experienced web developer, pop over to my business website.

I also write copy and content. If you need a writer who can wrangle words how you like them, visit my copywriting website.

This website is my personal writing portal. I write short stories, poems and articles about running for fitness.

Here's a poem to sum it all up:

Andy Hawthorne writes all the stuff on here,
He likes creative writing and some verse,
And he also writes words for a career,
Don’t be offended if there’s the odd curse,
He writes poems and short stories for you,
He tends to write horror stories to scare,
And there will be some music reviews too,
I’ll tell you that just so you are aware,
The poems (if you care) tend to be sonnets,
The short stories are free for you to read,
The verse is not about ladies in bonnets,
More likely it’s about things that will bleed,
Anyway, Andy says please do not steal,
Otherwise, you’ll be the monsters' next meal.