About Me


I’m a freelance copywriter based in Coventry, England. I also enjoy creative writing. You can view my business site for more information.

As a copywriter I’m on a mission to craft copy for websites (in particular) that represents accuracy, brevity and clarity.

This website is my creative writing portal. Here. you will find poems and short stories – as I write them.

I’m also a hopeless but relentlessly keen runner. So, you will find the odd post or two about running appearing here too.

Creative writing…

I find that creative writing helps to keep my business writing skills sharp. Great ideas form the basis of good copy. And they help a lot with creative writing too.

I like the discipline and structure of poetic forms. Most poems I write tend to be sonnets – those 14-line classics that have been popular for ages.

You will also find short stories here. They tend to be in the horror genre so if you like a scare, check back often.

Writing experience

  • I trained as a copywriter with the College of Media and Publishing
  • I’m a published author. I wrote a book about web development for SitePoint.
  • I trained as a feature writer with the London School of Journalism.
  • I’ve been blogging for about 10 years.

The novel…

There is a novel coming. Or at least I think there is. I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years. Now I have this site properly set up there are no more excuses…


As I said, I’m a hopeless (as in slow) runner but I love it. I enjoy the simplicity and freedom. And I enjoy being in the great outdoors.

I’ll try to share some experiences that fellow runners will find useful. I promise not bang on about stuff that all the other running blogs tend to cover.

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