Hello, I'm Andy Hawthorne and I'm based in Coventry, England.

I'm the Lead Developer for Augmented Insights Ltd, a data analytics company. And no, that's not as in Google Analytics. We create machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for use in the social care sector.

In truth, our algorithms will work with any kind of data. We just happen to be focussing on social care at the moment.

Data science is a new field for me. It's fascinating and there are bound to be some posts about it here on my blog.

This is my personal blog and brain dump centre. To that end, there is an eclectic mix of content here.

I'm also a writer. I'm a published author - I wrote a beginners guide to Ruby on Rails that was published by SitePoint.

I also have journalism and copywriting qualifications.

I love to run and I listen to Heavy Metal music.

The beast

I'm a keen photographer. I've been taking photos with a view to taking good ones since I was a young fella. I studied photography at school and spent many hours out with my camera. I still do. My portfolio is here.

All of those things are potential topics for posts you'll find here.

In all the years I've been writing blog posts I know one thing:

Write for your readers

Therefore, I hope you find something here that entertains you for a few minutes, at least.