Here's a selection of my writing. I tend to cover stuff about your website content and copywriting in general.

Why simple is best for your ads

11-12-2018 11:49 - 395 words
There are examples of many successful ads where simplicity was at the core of the idea. Here's why they work...

Why do you need a copywriter?

05-12-2018 19:13 - 507 words
You might be wondering why you would hire a copywriter. Here, I explain the main reasons...

Writing style and why it matters

04-12-2018 22:37 - 529 words
Writing style helps with how you deliver your intended message. And that means you need a decent grasp of the four main writing styles to make your copy effective.

How to avoid thin content

03-12-2018 22:34 - 366 words
Thin content is detrimental to the success of your website. Here’s the lowdown…

Why tone of voice is important

02-12-2018 22:27 - 498 words
one of voice gets written about a lot. When it comes to your content marketing, the blog posts you produce are central to that effort. But how do you write them so that readers engage with your call to action?

Does your website do this?

01-12-2018 22:22 - 414 words
The copy on your website has a lot of work to do. But it’s got no chance if your first few words don’t work.

Inspire your writing: use a different device

30-11-2018 23:17 - 527 words
This is going to sound a bit weird. But in your pursuit for writing ideas, one thing you can do is change the device you use to write with.

How poetry helps your creative writing skills

30-11-2018 23:12 - 450 words
Creative writing is one type of writing, but not the only one. The thing is though, to do it well you have to practice. And one way to practice is to write poems, here’s why.

How to write a compelling blog post

30-11-2018 21:59 - 406 words
There’s about a gazillion articles out there telling you how to write great blog posts. I’m going to boil it down to three elements.