Autumn is a colourful time of year so it's a good chance to work with those colours.

I shot the above photo at ISO 200 f/10 1/160s. I didn't tweak anything else. The colours were already vibrant.

I decided to move in close because there was a lot of detail to see. That's  decision I found myself making a few times during this shoot.

Other times, I'd spot a tree so full of colour, I took the picture – of the tree. Like this one:

The tree speaks for itself

It's not a great photograph. But the colour is spectacular and worthy of a point-and-shoot photo.

There are times when you have to work a little harder. There are blooms giving it large like this:

Full bloom

You'd think it was straightforward. But there were many angles to consider. Along with the direction of the sunlight. I didn't want the bold colours to appear washed out.

Autumn means there will be low light situations, too. And if you don't have fast lenses (lenses with large aperture options) life gets harder.

Autumn leaves

You end up boosting the ISO to give some extra light sensitivity. But that also boosts grain in the resulting photo. I shot it at ISO 1600 f/5.6 1/50s. I also fired a dose of fill-in flash to light the gloom up.

Taking the photo and the fly happened by 

Bonus. It adds more interest to the photo.

A gloomy October morning

Here's one that adds something else to an autumn shoot. The original scene was flat, grey and cold. Yet there was something that caught my eye.

The birds in flight, and the reflections in the water were worthy of some effort. But the light was difficult and there was a slight mist, too. I grabbed the shot at ISO 1600 f/5.6 1/100s. I'd have preferred a lower ISO but that's how it is sometimes.

So, there it is, autumn colours. There's load more that's worth pointing your lens at, this time of year.