The light this time of year is amazing so it's a good time to out and about with a camera.

Autumn produces some great colours. When you walk through your local park, there are subtle tones all around.

If you have a garden you'll see the same thing. Vibrant colours everywhere.

Or, if black and white is your thing, the sun will cast longer shadows and more contrast now. Meaning form and pattern are easy to find.

So, if you want a new photography project, you could do worse than picking the seasons.

Which is why I started taking a close interest in the flora and fauna in my local area.

I started this project because I saw the effect rain had on the leaves of shrubs in my garden.

That was it. I took one photo and then realised I had a little project on my hands.

I figured that some close-up shots would show nice detail. And capture the turn of the season.

Wandering around my own garden produced loads of possible shots. But then it struck me: the theme was autumn.

Which is why I also pointed my camera up. The sky does some amazing things this time of year, too.

This next shot combines the flora and fauna idea with the sky. I like it because of the angle of view. It occurred to me that changing view would make a decent photo.

But then the close-up options caught my eye again. So, I did another trip around my garden. But this time with a diopter lens attached to my kit lens.

Now the fun started.

I still kept autumn in mind. But also worked to find form and pattern in the changing colour of leaves and plants.

The project took on a new life. Now I was finding autumn in close-up. But that seemed fine because there were lots of subjects. And I don't have a big back garden.

While I was doing that, I noticed something else. As the weather became more changeable, the light did some good stuff.

You don't have to work hard to catch the golden colours of autumn. You do have to be ready with your camera when it happens.

This being the UK, grey, drab light is a thing as winter heads nearer.

So, when the sun gets it's paint brush out, you need to be ready. You might only get a brief moment to catch the colours on display.

With all that in mind, it is possible to write yourself a photographic brief for each season. But you can also write many briefs for the same season - as it turns out.

Anyway, autumn is a special time of year because the light is great, so go out and catch it in pixels.