I hate diets. Because they don't work. Or even if they do, they only work for a little while. Instead, change your relationship with food.

All this comes from my own experience. That's the first thing.

Next, losing weight is hard. If like me, you enjoy your food, cutting back will feel difficult - at first.

There are some hard truths to face. Let's deal with those straight away.

Your moment of revelation might of already happened.

That moment when you:

  • Look in the mirror
  • See a reflection
  • See a photograph

And you think: who's that fat bugger? Then, you realise it's you.

Step one - admit you need to lose weight

Fine, you are overweight. Realising it is the first step.

Step two - exercise

Next, I assume you are exercising somehow.

It doesn't matter what it is - as long as it makes you sweat and raises your heart rate.

Oh, and you do it most days of the week.

I know, I know. But you didn't think there was a magic solution, did you?

Burn the fat by... burning the fat.

Cool, that's the second step.

Step three - counting calories

That fat bugger won't disappear yet, though. Not all the way.

The next step is to mind your calorie intake.

Stop thinking about food as the yummy stuff you can't get enough of.

Think of it as fuel.

So, when you eat a meal you ask: how much do I need to refuel?

Better still, before you eat, ask: do I need to eat at all?

It might be a meal time but that doesn't mean you have to eat.

If you are not hungry, don't bother (be careful to check you are hungry. Not fancying something because it's a meal time).

How many calories have you already eaten today?

There are loads of apps you can install on your phone that will help you track your calories.

If you've already had plenty, do you need a load more?

And be honest.

Eating smaller amounts will go a long way towards you losing weight.

Not eating when you don't need it will also help.

What you are doing here is training yourself to eat less.

You are NOT dieting. Instead, you are controlling your food intake.

If someone asks if you are on a diet you reply: "No, I'm controlling my intake is all."

That's important. Because this is a life change. It's not a fad diet that will last for a few weeks.

This is you - for good.

How do I know this works?

Because I'm doing it.

I've lost 16kg so far doing what I've described above. And I'm still losing.

Oh and I run - a lot. 40-50 miles a week.

But that on it's own won't keep the timber off. It helps a lot, of course.

But I was running miles before I lost weight again. It needed me to control my food intake.

The truth is: even with regular exercise you still can't eat what and how much, you want.