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Patience Is a Virtue

I waited a long time to get this photo.

I didn’t mind too much. There is something calming about watching the waves roll in.

But, for the photo I had one specific need…

I wanted the waves breaking over the breakers.

I saw it happen once.

But, I wasn’t quick enough to get my camera up.

So, I figured I’d wait awhile. For it to happen again.

The waves did continue to roll in…

And splash like a spilled drink against the rocks and breakers.

Nothing dramatic, sending spray up into the air.

I wandered around the scene, killing time and watching what was going on.

Then, it started to rain.

Nothing major, but the sky darkened a lot and the spots of rain blew in from the sea. But, I still watched and waited.

Because, this was one of those opportunities.

I knew there was a photo.

I saw a wave rolling in bigger than the recent ones.

Oh yes, I thought. Here we go…

It smashed into the breakers and spray bust up into the air.

There was my photo.

I did have to check to make sure I’d got it.

Patience is definitely a virtue.