It's been stormy lately.

I was in my back garden putting rubbish in the bin.

I looked up and saw the cloud formation. I thought: "Fuck me, that's amazing."

So I whipped out my iPhone and took the photo.

The horror. And there was my DSLR camera sitting in my office upstairs.

Why didn't I run and get my proper camera?

Easy. Sometimes you have to:

Take the damn picture.

Here's another scenario: I was outside. I looked up and saw the cloud formation and thought: "That's amazing..."

I ran in and grabbed my DSLR. I faffed about choosing a lens and an exposure mode. Oh, then I faffed about with focus (auto or manual?)


Fuck it, there's no photo now. The clouds have changed.

You've processed that...

Yeah? So what?

I gave the base image an edit in the Snapseed app. Why not? Digital photography is what we do these days.

It means post processing is a thing.

It means we can make a photograph. As they did in the days of the darkroom. With techniques like burning in and so on.

I haven't changed the fact that the cloud formation was amazing. And a natural event.

And it doesn't change the fact that I took the photo on my iPhone - not an expensive proper camera.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Canon DSLR.

But my point here is: sometimes, the best camera to use is the one you happen to have with you.

See it, shoot it

Here's a photo that happened in front of me and was gone in an instant:


Yeah, I took this with my iPhone, too.

I walked past the window during a clearing rain storm. The light caught the raindrops to make them look silver.

I reckon I had about 20 seconds to grab the photo before the light changed again.

Guess what? I grabbed the photo.

I do it all the time. Because missing the shot feels worse than taking it and getting it wrong.

The point is: you might not get it wrong. And it turns out to be a nice photo.

You won't know that if you don't grab the shot. So...

Take the damn picture.