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Taking a Walk With Your Camera

Out for a walk

Lockdown is a pain in the arse for a whole host of reasons. Not least in terms of wandering free with your camera.

But we can go for one walk a day. So I slung my camera around my neck and set off for a walk along our local canal.

The scene above caught my eye because of the reflections on the water. The light was perfect and there was hardly a breath of wind.

reflections are good photographic subjects at the best of times.

Then, a little later, I looked up…

Big skies

Wow. The sky was impressive.

I waited for a few minutes to let the clouds form up a bit more and then took the shot. I like big skies.

One other thing I noticed was the barges moored up. But the thing was, choosing how to photograph them was tricky. A straight shot was boring. I needed something to add a bit of additional interest.

And what do you know, a swan came gliding a long to give me what I needed…

Barges and the swan

I was working fast for these photos. Becuase I didn’t want to linger. The lockdown makes being outdoors feel weird.

So I chose to shoot in auto mode and between 24-35mm wide angle. The focal length was a deliberate choice. I thought it make for more challenging compositions. And I tend to work at longer focal lengths more than wide angle.

Once we left the canal we were back soon back on the city streets. But I decided to keep an eye out for nature’s splendour. It didn’t take long…


I was tempted to move in for a close up. But I stuck withe wide-angle theme and I’m glad I did. The sun was being diffused by the cloud cover by this point. It worked for this photo of the blossom.

So, lockdown or not, you can still scratch your photographic itch and get find some decent subjects or scenes to photograph. Just work fast so you don’t linger for too long.