How to avoid thin content

Thin content is detrimental to the success of your website. Here’s the lowdown…

Thin content or low-quality content falls into three categories:

  1. Content that lacks information
  2. Duplicated content
  3. Content that is poorly written

Any or all these elements are bad news. Even if they exist amongst otherwise good quality content. They will still have a negative effect on the performance of your website.

Let's look at each element in more detail:

Weak content

If you have pages on your website that only display an image or offer a few lines of copy, it's time to change them.

Each page on your site forms part of a content strategy - or it should do.

Duplicate content

avoid publishing the exact same content in more than one place in your digital presence. Having an identical blog post on your website and LinkedIn, for example. Google doesn't like content appearing in more than one place.

Poorly written content

Poorly written content doesn't only refer to bad writing. It also refers to the structure.

There is a specific way to write for the web that will help your readers absorb your content. Using sub-headings and emphasised test will help, for example.

Avoiding thin content

It's not hard to make sure your website content adds value, rather than detracting from it.

There's a simple test for each page. Ask the question: does the content do the job it's intended to do?

And keep in mind that any content should inform at the very least. It should inform in a given way, whether it's to explain a benefit to your customer, or a key feature of your product.

That's not all. You'll need to be adding in keywords that support the subject of your content too. That will help the search engines understand what your content is about.

Why a blog will help

If you have a blog, you have a great way to add fresh content. And fresh content should be a win for your customers.

Blog posts are content and so, follow the same rules as all other content.

Thin content and low-quality content will cripple the potential of your website. Let me help you avoid the problem - give me a shout today