Like running on trampolines. That's how a top ten marathon finisher described his new Nike Vaporfly trainers. Can your trainers make that much difference to your running?

US runner Jake Riley said his Vaporflys felt like he was running on trampolines.

These are the trainers that Eliud Kipchoge wore for his sub two-hour marathon effort.

This isn’t going to be all about the science of metal plates in the mid-sole of your trainers.

It is about how choosing the right trainers makes a difference to how well you run.

I rotate between three pairs of trainers.

That might sound like an extravagance. But I’m a big bloke and my trainers take a battering.

I’ve discovered that it makes more sense to have several pairs in use - they last longer.

But there’s something else, too.

I’m a bit paranoid about successful runs and which trainers I was wearing.

I know, I know, it’s BS that trainers make you go well, right?

Well, the wrong trainers will definitely mess you up.

The first thing is: get your gait analysed in a proper running store. They'll have a treadmill designed for that purpose.

I did and now I never buy the wrong type of trainers.

That’s the easy part. You now have the right type of trainers that match your stride pattern, foot size etc.

Then, you go out on a run and smash a personal best.

I guarantee you’ll want to wear the same trainers next time you go out.

That’s because you’ll remember how strong your legs felt. You’ll remember how you felt like you were gliding along.

Now, is that quackery of the tallest order?


But you will feel that your trainers have helped you to smash that PB.

And you will wear the same trainers the next time out (of course you will if you only have one pair. But we’ve covered that, right?).

So, I’m saying that your trainers have a big impact on how well you run.

And that’s assuming you’ve purchased the right type to begin with.

I think it comes down to this.

First, you see if you over/under pronate (or maybe you are a neutral). Then, the trainers you choose will come down to reading reviews.

Or guidance from a running shop assistant.

I have ended up preferring trainers manufactured either by Hoka or Brooks.

Everyone has preferences. But when you run well, you’ll know.

If that sounds weird, ask other runners. I’m convinced it’s not paranoia or some trick of the mind.

Trainers that work well for you help that feeling of gliding along with no effort.

Whether you'll feel like you're running on trampolines or not, I can't guarantee.