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Running just because…

I like running just because it feels good.

You can bugger off and go for a run now. I’ve finished with this post.

Still here?

Blimey, OK I’ll explain a bit more about what I mean.

I was thinking about why I like run so much. Then, I got to thinking about why we all like running. There’s not much point me only telling you why _I_like to run. Better if I include you, too.


I get fed up reading the bullshit about being a great athlete and all that. Don’t get me wrong, I admire athletes and I admire how hard they work. But ordinary people aren’t athletes.

And I’m fine with that.

I’ll never be an athlete. But I don’t need to be, either. I don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy running. I can enjoy getting out for a run just because it’s a form of movement that beats the crap out of sitting in a car.

And running beats the crap out sitting on your arse, doing nothing.

Running also gets me outdoors in the fresh air. I’ve run in freezing cold temperatures. I’ve run where the snow was too deep to run in. And I’ve run in gale force winds, pissing rain and glorious sunshine. I’ve loved it all.

That’s because running creates experiences.

Every time you go for a run, you’ll see the world out there…

Pause break.

I wouldn’t use a treadmill for running. What the hell point is there in that? You are like a hamster in a wheel. Except a hamster is happy to run that wheel. We humans should strive for something more. We should, right?

Anyway, back to the point…

You see the world out there like new every time you go out. Even when you run a certain set of routes, there will be subtle differences each time. Or you’ll notice things you saw last time and that sense of familiarity is comforting.

But I also like going for a run when I visit somewhere new. It’s a good way to get a sense of the place. It is a good way to find your bearings. You’ll find good running roads and those that aren’t so good. It’s all about creating experiences.

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