Web development

I've been writing web code in one form or another for 19 years.

I now use the Laravel framework to create websites of all kinds. And I use WordPress to create:

  • Simple brochure sites
  • full-blown web shops
  • Blogs
  • Content rich websites

But as I've said, I can also write code using popular web frameworks like Laravel.

I should say that I'm not a designer. I can code basic layouts but my main function is to write the code that powers up the features of a website.

In a nutshell you get:

  • Bespoke web applications built to the latest web standards
  • API integrations
  • Content management systems
  • Other functional website applications

Just need some advice?

Yep, that's fine too. Making the right decisions for your website is critical. If you are going to invest in a top of the range website, you have to be sure it'll match it's purpose.

I can help you with that. I've worked with businesses of all sizes - from global brands right through to small startups.

Web sites don't come in a "one size fit all" package. I can help you decide what you need - and what you don't.

Code, code and more code...

Perhaps you have an existing website that needs some care. That's fine too. I'm a PHP guy, so I've seen all kinds of web builds and I can probably work on yours too.

I'm often kept busy fixing WordPress sites. That's usually because they haven't had any updates. Or the latest security patches installed. That's no problem, I can fix that for you too.

Themes, plugins and modules

Perhaps you have (or need) a custom WordPress theme. I can work with your designers to turn their creations into a WordPress theme.

Likewise, you might need some functionality not currently available. I can put together a WordPress plugin to solve that problem.

If I don't fit...

I may not be the person you need for your website. But talk to me anyway because I know a lot of designers and developers who will be able to help you.

Drop me a line to start the conversation...

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