On reflection, maybe you don't give a fuck. Poetry is boring, meaningless drivel.

It's written by arty-farty types who haven't got a clue about the real world.


Poetry is for students or boring people, right?

It's for posh people or old fogeys, yes?


If you can bother your arse to read it, it's for anyone.

You need to learn how to read it. Think of it as more like lyrics to a song. Not an article - or a blog post.

Anyway, in case you feel inspired to write your own, here's why I write poems.

1. Poetry is a good writing exercise

If you like to write, poetry will test you. If you think you are good at writing, poetry will find you out.

And that's what makes it fun.

Rising to the challenge of writing verse that follows a pattern but creates meaning at the same time.

2. Poetry is like death metal (or it can be)

I like heavy metal music. Well, make that death metal to be specific.

The lyrics used in your average death metal song are almost poetic.

Often dark, but still poetic.

I get inspired for some of my poems by the lyrics written by death metal bands.

3. Poetry is mind food

Poetry, both reading it and writing it, is good for your mind.

It makes you think.

It makes you try to interpret what the poet means.

And it helps you to enjoy words in their simple, yet powerful form.

I can be in a dark mood. Crafting a new poem often makes me feel better.

Let the words flow in...

So, there are three reasons why I read and write poetry. You'll develop your own.

But either way, set your mind free and read something different.

Oh, and it's true.

Some poetry is mindless twaddle. Utter bullshit, not worth your time reading.

So keep reading until you find stuff you like. You will find stuff you like, I know you will.

But keep an open mind. Let the words flow in. Then you'll see.